Monte Anderson

Monte Anderson

Monte was raised in a musical family and began performing professionaly at the age of 13.  A talented multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Monte has shared the stage with well known artists like Joe Diffie, The Smokin' Armadillos, The Pirates of the Mississippi, and the late, great Chris LeDoux. 

In addition to his playing and singing, Monte totally immersed himself in the ins and outs of anything that makes sound, often dissassembling instruments and electronics at a very young age just to see how they worked.  As soon as they developed the resources, Monte's family opened and ran a successful retail music store in southwest Montana until Monte's Multiple Sclerosis made it too difficult to maintain that location.  Monte still performs and helps run the instrument sales and repair business on a much smaller scale.

Monte has also been featured on several recordings and has produced numerous projects.  He lives in Dillon, MT with his wonderful wife, Staci, and two daughters.  When not performing, repairing, or engineering, Monte has been spending his time designing his new recording studio.

A Note From Monte

Hi Everyone,

There has been much more content on the site in the past.  I have taken it down teporarily, while I work on some other content and projects.  I will have an exciting announcement later in the summer so, stay tuned!  I am really excited about this project.

I still have many tips and tricks for all your gear issues that may help you so, feel free to sign the guest ook and ask your question.

 Take Care


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Monte uses Fender and GreTsch guitars, Spector and Ibanez basses and Curt Mangan strings.